About Komodo Academy

Our mission is to coach, motivate and inspire those who have chosen martial arts as a path for positively transforming their lives.

Here are the principles of how we live that every day:

Our Instructors

The Komodo Academy instructors are constantly seeking ways to improve through continuous training. We believe that we cannot inspire others without leading by example. The head instructor, Stephan Roy has dedicated his life to martial arts since the age of 8. After 28 years of training, he continues to seek the best instructors to expand his knowledge. He’s had the opportunity to train with some of the following leaders in martial arts such as; Rickson Gracie, Jean-Jacques Machado, Rigan Machado, Carlos Machado, John Machado, Roger Machado, Chris Haueter, JT Torres, George St-Pierre, Fabio Hollanda, Vito Brancaccio, Jay Zeballos, John Therien, Jean-Yves (Iceman) Theriault, Cezar Borkowski, Alain Sally, Ricardo Liborio, Kurt Osiander and many more. Doing so to bring only the best to Grande Prairie.

Our Students

Our students are the core of the community at the Academy. Our mission is to help each student reach their full potential. We understand that each student comes in with a different goal in mind and we make sure to attend to their individual needs based on those goals.

Our Facility

We take pride in our facility, making it a safe, clean training environment that is constantly being maintained and updated. To our students, it often acts as a home away from home and we honor that by continuing to take great care of it.

Our Customer Service

Our idea of great customer service is to honor and respect each and every person that comes through our doors. This standard is held not only by the staff but through the students as well.

The Machado Brothers and Steph

The Machado Brothers and Sensei Steph